It can pay to plan ahead. Try our calculators if you’re thinking of investing. The Stocks and Shares Calculator, for example, allows you to project based on lump-sum payments, monthly contributions, potential growth rates, and provider charges.

PayPal Fees Calculator UK

PayPal Fees Calculator UK 2020

More and more UK businesses are using PayPal to process website transactions on eBay, Shopify and bespoke websites. It’s quick, hassle-free and available worldwide. But what is the cost to the business for receiving money in a PayPal transaction? Use this calculator to work out...

Cash ISA Calculator

Cash ISA Calculator

Are you interested in opening a Cash ISA account? Using a Cash ISA calculator such as the one below can give you a good idea of the growth rate that you could achieve. Cash ISAs are still a popular way of saving even in these...

Stocks and Shares ISA Calculator

Stocks and Shares ISA Calculator

Are you considering investing in a stocks and shares ISA? Many providers will have calculators on their websites, however, this one’s a bit different. With this calculator, you can vary the charges. As ISA providers charges are all different, it can really pay off to...

Growth Calculator

UK Compound Interest Calculator

Wondering how your savings account works? The power of compound interest means you earn interest on interest. Use the compound interest calculator to see the effects of compounding on a savings plan. Adjust the lump sum payment, regular contribution figures, term and annual interest rate....

Pension Fund Calculator

Pension Fund Calculator

Below is a pension fund calculator that can help you work out ROUGHLY what you could build up for retirement. No pension provider can tell you precisely what you will get as the majority of pensions are based around investments. A Bit About Pensions Pensions...

Junior ISA Calculator

Junior ISA Calculator (2019/20)

Investing for a child but not sure where to begin? Taking a look at the providers’ charges could be an important step. Charges can really eat into long term investments such as Stocks and Shares Junior ISAs. Use the Junior ISA Calculator below to gauge...