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Are you confused by credit cards or intrigued by investing. Maybe pensions have piqued your interest or you are worried about debt.

That was me too. Then I got a job in financial services and found out how it worked from the other side of the fence.

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About Us

Money Blog Scotland is a UK personal finance blog about money, making money and gaining financial knowledge. We don’t promise financial freedom but maybe we can help if you are bamboozled by investments, ISAs, pensions, debt, credit cards or just want to know how to make a few more pennies.

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Our Mission

The aim of this website is two-fold;

My Story

I remember when I started my first job, I thought, I must start a pension. I got a bundle of brochures from a number of high profile pension company’s and was determined to read through them to find out what the best plan due me would be.

There was too much information, so I procrastinated and ended up doing nothing. Sound like you? Maybe I can help to make things a bit clearer for you. Importantly I am not a financial adviser and in no way over advice. I am just trying to make things that bit clearer in what can be a confusing world.

Once I realised how investments, ISAs, and pensions actually worked, I was able to organise my finances a lot better. I’m not rich – and I’m not claiming to make you rich. But I know a lot more about saving money, making money from investing and avoiding debt than I did when I was younger.

I can also point you in the right direction and tell you what to look out for when making an important decision such as investing your money.

If you have any questions, please get in touch here.